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Our Story.

The Quincy Project was started by Marcia Brown, Quincy’s mother. After losing him, she knew she needed to honor him in some way, and giving back to her community was the perfect solution.

So many young people aren’t given the opportunity to learn essential life skills to be successful as adults. Marcia has created
The Quincy Project to teach people the necessary skills to live their lives to the fullest.


Be open and honest about our services and how we provide care


We want to help heal people and our communities


Always treat others with respect

Our Values

Meet the Team

Marcia Brown (a woman) with a pink shirt in a room with a tiger poster in the background

Marcia Brown

Marcia is Quincy's mother and she started this project to try and help people succeed in the community. She was a young parent and going out in the world was scary for her but if she had been given some of the tools The Quincy Project is offering, she would have been less scared.

Quincy had OCD and he would love to have started something like this himself.  Marcia wants to keep her son's name out there and make sure he is remembered.

Marcia Gill

Marcia is Quincy’s little sister. Her mom started The Quincy Project to help people out. She would love to keep her brother’s name alive and to help people by showing that anyone can be something!

She wants to help by teaching people how to budget and organize life and money to help with life skills which makes things alot easier when things are all in order.

Marcia Gill (a woman) wearing a brown shirt with trees in the background
Isabelle Trepiccione (a woman) wearing a brown/gray collared shirt in front of a while wall

Isabelle Trepiccione (she/her)

Isabelle got involved with The Quincy Project in its very early stages, inspired by Marcia Brown’s vision. Isabelle loves working with young people and believes that they are our future and that they will change the world for the better if given the right opportunities.

She is excited to be a part of an organization that will meet people where they are at and work to find creative ways to support every individuals growth and independence.

Mandi Haqq

Mandi got involved with The Quincy Project in support of the vision that Marcia Brown shared. She felt inspired by the outlook and potential that Marcia saw in empowering young people.

This is a project that she felt she would have benefitted from as an adolescent, and she would love to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds learn to thrive in their home and work environment.

Mandi Haqq (a woman) wearing glasses, and a white headscarf in a car

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